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Posted by Maria on 15.04.2022


The hospitality and sincerity of the Spaniards make the process of integration in this country much faster and easier. Local residents show goodwill and good manners to all. Once in this country, you can confidently count on understanding, respect and assistance in any undertakings from the indigenous people. Don't worry, it's very easy to take the first step towards a new life in a foreign country, our TopRealty company will help make adaptation as comfortable and easy as possible for you.


You have made a wonderful decision to purchase the property of your dreams or move abroad, then the first thing to do is to study in detail the country you are planning to move to. What you need to pay special attention to is, of course, the city or village where you are going to buy a home. Integration will be easy if you decide on a place of residence, and first get to know your neighbors and local residents, then in the future it will be much easier for you to integrate into society.
By entrusting the process of moving to us, you will receive guaranteed assistance in finding the job of your dreams and more. We will help you find all your hidden talents and find a worthy hobby that brings a good income. Helping you feel at home in Spain is our main goal.
If you have your own business and are planning to develop it in Spain, then you should definitely study the business ethics of the country. In addition, Spanish legislation differs from the laws of your country, so you should first consult with experienced lawyers or people who have lived and worked in Spain for many years, and therefore know all about local laws.


The most important thing in the integration process is to decide on the city in which you will live. And here you have a huge range of opportunities and choices.

If you are crazy about megacities and you are drawn to a stormy, full of emotions and a frantic pace of life, then we advise you with confidence to pay attention to the third largest metropolis in Spain - Valencia .

It will win your hearts at first sight with its gorgeous beaches, mild climate even in winter, and temperamental locals.

Perhaps you love silence and are not ready to start changes from big cities, then we have excellent options for you that will not leave anyone indifferent.

One of the most beautiful cities on the Costa Blanca is Altea , with a population of about 25,000. It is located between the cities of Benidorm and Calpe, and believe me, you will have something to see here.

A beautiful promenade, azure sea, views, lovely restaurants and cafes make Altea a very cozy and attractive place for integration.


Learning Spanish is worth considering if you are going to live in a small town or want to integrate into Spanish society as much as possible. But don't let that scare you, Spain has a large selection of language schools, many of which are approved by the Instituto Cervantes. You can also attend Spanish courses at universities, including the University of Barcelona. Social integration programs can help you overcome language and cultural barriers. For example, in Spain there are free courses from the City Hall or a language exchange with Spaniards.

Integration for children

Families with children are always worried about how easily their children will fit into Spanish society and whether they will be able to get a good education.

It is easiest to transfer the move to a permanent place of residence for our children. They are usually the first to learn the language and help us integrate into Spanish society. For our clients, we will help you as much as possible without unnecessary thoughts to quickly become your own among strangers.

If we are talking about school education, then in Spain it is compulsory from the age of 6, that is, starting from this age, children must be admitted to school. School starts in mid-September, but there are children's summer camps where the child can begin to get to know the local children and Spanish culture in an easier way. In addition, with children it is much easier to integrate into Spanish society, because you will have to be in constant contact with other parents and teachers.


The main rule that applies in any country, and Spain is no exception, is respect for a foreign culture. If you respect the Spanish traditions and outlook on life, even if you do not share them, then integration into society will be easier than you expected. After all, adapting to an unfamiliar society is a life lesson that provides a unique experience.

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