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Definition Of Grade In Real Estate

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Universal approach

Top Realty experts have significant experience in estimating the value of both various types of real estate and real estate-related businesses and have international certification in the field of valuation.

We value real estate in all cities
Costa Blanca region

Evaluation at any stage

Specialists evaluate existing facilities, construction in progress, land plots.

Choice of assessment form

At your choice, experts will prepare reports: from a brief conclusion (quick assessment) to a full report in accordance with the International Valuation Standards.

Reports for various purposes

We make reports for the purpose of attracting debt financing, processing purchase and sale transactions, compiling financial statements, making management decisions, etc.

Objectives of the Assessment

attraction borrowed funding
Deals purchase and sale
Internal client goals
Preparation of Financial Statements

What do you need to know about evaluation?

Our expert will tell you about all the features of the assessment of the property you are interested in

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